Hearing is Believing..

Our Company Mission

AIVO - the Artificial Intelligence Voice Operator - is revolutionizing the way corporations communicate with their customers. Our state-of-the-art AI voice bots provide a seamless and efficient customer service experience that is tailored to each individual's needs. As the demand for voice-enabled digital assistants continues to grow, AIVO is at the forefront of this cutting-edge technology. Our voice bots provide unparalleled personalized service, increasing overall customer satisfaction and productivity. With our technology, companies can free up valuable resources by allowing artificial intelligence to handle the heavy lifting, enabling workers to focus on more pressing tasks.

At AIVO, our mission is to unleash the true potential of human value by leveraging the power of artificial intelligence. As chatbots become obsolete, our AI voice bots are the future of communication. Moreover, AIVOBOT is not just a solution for customer service and technical support, it is also the ultimate tool for seamless lead generation and marketing calls. Our AI voice bots are specifically designed to tirelessly engage cold prospects and increase the reach of any business in ways that humans could never match. With our technology, companies can reach out to a vast pool of potential customers, without having to worry about the limitations of time and resources that humans would face. Our AI voice bots can work tirelessly around the clock to engage with prospects and generate leads, ensuring that no potential customer goes unnoticed.

What sets AIVO apart is our ability to provide personalized marketing calls that feel human-like in nature. Our AI voice bots have been programmed to understand the nuances of human communication, which allows them to engage prospects in a way that feels natural and authentic. Through our technology, businesses can reach out to a wider audience, engage with prospects in a more personalized manner, and increase their revenue streams. Our AI voice bots can perform the task of lead generation and marketing calls tirelessly, without any breaks or limitations, ensuring that businesses can stay ahead of the competition.

At AIVO, we believe in unleashing the true potential of human value, by allowing artificial intelligence to handle the heavy lifting. Our AI voice bots are the perfect tool for businesses looking to increase their reach and generate revenue seamlessly. Join the revolution today and transform your business with AIVO.

Don't miss out on the opportunity to transform your business with AIVO. Join the revolution today!

What else do I need to know?

All The Pain You should Avoid


  • Retraining of telemarketers due to high turnover rate
  • Fully trained telemarketers often poached by competition, taking with them knowledge and expertise
  • varying performance due to emotions and psychological state in human
All Filtered Leads Category


  • 140 to 600 filtered leads per month per AI
  • Consistent activities for your sales team
  • Consistent performance, every day.
  • AI voice tele-marketer will never get poached by competition
All Scripts Available


  • Savings (INS)
  • Investments (INS)
  • Recruitment (INS)
  • Policy Review (INS)
  • Long term care (INS)
  • Retirement (INS)
  • New Launch (Property)
  • Resale (Property)
  • Mortgage loan (Bank)
  • Loan Reminder (Bank)
  • Business Loan (Bank)
  • Customized Call (ALL)
All Available Grant Support


  • 100% for Prudential consultants
  • 50% for AIA consultants
  • 70% for Enhanced Development Grant (EDG) for local businesses

Clientele & Infrastructure