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Telemarketer's Pain

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90% of time wasted

Most of the time is spent in reception refusal, 3 seconds to hang up, less than 1 hour of effective communication per day


90% of the staffs are not suitable for telemarketing

Limited by innate voice ability, language ability, and speaking skills, it is difficult to learn elite telecalls ability while having a perfect sounding voice tonality all in one


90% have negative vibes

Huge psychological pressure coupled
with the need to constantly be enthusiastic
about this daily is simply unsustainable

Management's Pain


90% waste of labor cost

Sales ability cannot be copied, most salespersons have little output, and turnover rate is extremely high


90% of the time and cost is wasted

Core working hours are focused on inefficient initial screening, the number of customers through telemarketing is little, and the efficiency is low


90% waste of customer resources

Follow-up management of customers with no data and no records, which makes it difficult to accurately distinguish invalid customers from potential customers